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Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board Commission de planification et développement de la main d'oeurve d'Elgin, Middlesex, et Oxford

Projects 2016-2017

Barriers to attracting apprentices

Barriers to Attracting Apprentices and Completing their Apprenticeship

The effects of apprenticeship cessation are broad and far-reaching, and highlight a need for stakeholders to attract more apprentices and to support the completion of their apprenticeships in Ontario and indeed in all of Canada. [Read Full Report]

Local Employment Planning Council

Local Employment Planning Council

The Local Employment Planning Council pilot project is a regional workforce initiative to create a labour market that works for our local communities.[]


Information on the labour market, jobs, training & education for St. Thomas, London, Woodstock and surrounding counties. Visit their Website:

EmployerOne Survey

The EmployerOne Survey provides a way for employers to receive reliable local labour market information. The EmployerOne Survey is designed to get this information while respecting employer's confidentiality and limited time. The EmployerOne survey allows employers, once a year, a chance to communicate an employer's workforce needs directly to stakeholders who provide solutions

View Survey Results on Worktrends

Unemployment Rate

graph of seasonally adjusted monthly employment rates - for this information in an alternative format, please contact