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Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board Commission de planification et développement de la main d'oeurve d'Elgin, Middlesex, et Oxford

Projects 2014-2015


Conduct the annual EmployerOne Survey with a broad community partnership to gain demand side local labour market information, using a standard tool to allow for comparisons with the other geographies.

View Survey Results on Worktrends

LMI for Job Seekers

In partnership with EO agencies, meet with 30 to 40 job seekers who have not been working with an employment counsellor to determine how to best present LMI to make it useful and easily accessible for the job seeker. Maximum of 5 focus groups with EO clients and OW clients will determine their LMI needs (types, format, access points) Local LMI Reports: Elgin Demographics, Middlesex/London Demographics, Oxford County Labour Market Overview, First Quarter Job Postings, Second Quarter Job Postings, Labour Market Information for Job Seekers

There’s an APP for That!

Research and produce a report outlining the best APPs currently available for job seekers. This report will be shared with EO service providers, and a social media plan will be implemented to promote the APPs that the EO service providers identify as most useful. The research was conducted. It was discovered that there were not a lot of Canadian APPs available of for job seekers. Further research showed that a lot of employment service providers were not comfortable using social media to connect with clients. It was decided to create an Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) called Technology and Social Media for Employment Support. This course will be available free of charge for 16 weeks starting in the Fall of 2015 through Fanshawe College.

Amazing Grazing

Cultivating a Taste for Ontario Flavours: This event is to increase the awareness of the agri-business in our region as well as the careers and skills needed within the agri-business sector. This will be done as a food exhibition with samplings from the different Ontario Marketing Boards. [Visit Website]

Discover Manufacturing

The purpose of the tours is to showcase the nature of the business and focus on the careers within the facility. In a best case scenario is to the students through the plant from “materials in” to “product out the door”. Ideally, the tour will highlight a variety of career opportunities from design management, technical and skilled trades to sales and accounting.

Oxford Invitational Youth Robotic Challenge

For the Robotic Challenge teams design and fabricate an ‘assembly’ robot. Skillful design and programming ensure the robot efficiently completes the repetitive task on its own without the assistance of the team members. [Visit Website]

"We Are…" TV Series

Building on the success of the London Rogers TV series “We Are London”, Rogers TV has agreed to continue the series in London and expand the series into Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford counties. The series highlights the immigrant community in how they settled into the host community. This is being done with the help of funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Unemployment Rate

graph of seasonally adjusted monthly employment rates - for this information in an alternative format, please contact