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Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board Commission de planification et développement de la main d'oeurve d'Elgin, Middlesex, et Oxford

Elgin-St. Thomas Labour Force Planning

The Elgin-St. Thomas Labour Force Development Strategy is a project undertaken by the Elgin Workforce Committee. The committee is made up of community partners who meet regularly to coordinate local workforce development activities that support the work of economic development offices in both Elgin and St. Thomas.

2014 Labour Market Plan Cover photo

2015-2018 Labour Force Strategy

The strategy is designed to complement current initiatives already underway in Elgin St. Thomas. It is also designed to make efficient use of shared resources, reflect the focus areas of the organizations that make up the committee and broader community. The strategy is also designed to include initiative and activities that promote the target sectors for economic development as much as possible [Read Full Strategy]

Labour Force Development Strategy Update - March 2012

The focus of this workforce strategy is on the targeted sectors identified in the economic development plans for the City of St. Thomas and the County of Elgin. [Read Full Update]

Agriculture and Labour Force Analysis Study - April 2011

This study analysed the issues affecting agriculture, their impact on job creation and training, and to identified emerging labour force trends, skills and training requirements. [Read Full Study]

Unemployment Rate

graph of seasonally adjusted monthly employment rates - for this information in an alternative format, please contact

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